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Monday, Sep. 27 - "You on Your Best Day" with Michael Allosso

Michael Allosso's "You on Your Best Day" training will provide tangible takeaways for program directors to heighten excellent communication/leadership with their volunteers, employees, and other managers. We will explore the 35 Secret Weapons to help you be YOU ON YOUR BEST DAY, focusing on feedback giving and receiving, how to build relationships to have dynamic "difficult conversations," a structure for one-on-ones and meetings, and many other topics and tools. Everyone will walk out of the room at the end of the day with a minimum of two ways to upgrade communication and leadership skills.

Presenter: Michael Allosso

Audience: Local program directors only

Tuesday, Sep. 28 - Education Panel: Meeting Educational and Emotional Needs After a Disrupted School Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of our lives, including, unfortunately, our children's educational experiences. Pivots to virtual learning, frequent quarantines, and other challenges have impacted students everywhere, despite educators' best efforts to keep their learning on track. Disruptions to in-person learning may have consequences for children whose safety and emotional needs are at risk. A panel of educators and counselors will share their perspectives on the pandemic's impact on students and what CASA volunteers can do to best advocate for children amidst these challenges.

Panelists: Eef Fontanez (Social Emotional Learning Specialist, Central KY Educational Cooperative), Lauren Rader (Guidance Counselor, Estill County High School), Kelly Wray (Director, Family Resource Center, Ballard Elementary School and CASA Volunteer, CASA of West KY)

Suggested AudienceLocal program staff and volunteers

Wednesday, Sep. 29 - Strategies for Building Belonging in Everyday Advocacy featuring Dr. Adrianne Fletcher

Belonging is the place and the space where a group and an individual’s full potential is engaged without apology. It is the place where within the community innovation thrives, and views, beliefs, and values are integrated as the norm. But how do we get to that place when we live in such a divided society? During our two hours together, we’ll discuss strategies for building belonging in the everyday advocacy work of Court Appointed Special Advocates.


  • Increase understanding of the historical underpinnings of division and lack of belonging for Black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) within U.S. society.
  • Increase understanding of strategies which may improve belonging on a societal level.
  • Increase understanding of strategies for building belonging in everyday advocacy for the Court Appointed Special Advocate.
  • Make a plan to implement strategies for building belonging within everyday advocacy.

Presenter: Dr. Adrianne Fletcher (Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, and Assistant Professor at The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University)

Suggested Audience: Local program staff and volunteers

Thursday, Sep. 30 - Financial Sustainability & A Preview of the 2022 QA Process

This session will address the board’s responsibility of ensuring the existence of adequate resources for the organization. Questions such as “What are the key financial questions our board should ask?", "What level of reserve funds is appropriate for a nonprofit?", and "What is the board member’s role in fundraising?” will be discussed. This session will also introduce the quality assurance program review process and how boards can prepare for this process. Beginning September 2021, the Kentucky CASA Network (KCN) will commence a quality assurance program review (QA Review) of all KCN Member Programs. The QA Review assists local programs in identifying both strengths and needs, serves as a tool for program financial accountability and sustainability, and highlights technical assistance as needed by the KCN.

Presenters: Andrea Bruns (State Director, Kentucky CASA Network), Steven Flowers (Deputy Director, Kentucky CASA Network), Norma Thomas (Grants Specialist, Kentucky CASA Network)

Suggested Audience: Local program board members

Friday, Oct. 1 - Virtual Awards of Excellence & CASA Celebration

The KCN will be presenting awards for Volunteer of the Year, Program of the Year, Program Director of the Year, Board Member of the Year, and Judge of the Year. We will also use this time to recognize and celebrate all CASA volunteers for their continued dedication to providing best interest advocacy for children in the Commonwealth.

Audience: Local program staff, board members, and volunteers 


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