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COVID-19 Update for Local CASA Programs

KCN COVID-19 Update

As we all attempt to stay on top of the ever-changing COVID-19 situation, the Kentucky CASA Network would like to provide some guidance and resources for local CASA programs in the Commonwealth. We will be updating this page periodically as new information comes in. The KCN knows that the amount of news and information about this coronavirus can be overwhelming and we are doing our best to sort through and share the most relevant information for our CASA programs. If you have any questions or would like to see additional guidance, please contact us.


View the latest list of news articles and resources for CASA staff, board members, and volunteers below.


General COVID-19 Information:

Kentucky COVID-19 Website

For Kentucky-specific information regarding COVID-19, visit

National CASA/GAL Guidance

A message from National CASA/GAL CEO Tara Perry with online training opportunities and guidance for safely staying in touch with children. Also see this message from Tara Perry.

Statement Regarding KY Government Services

Secretary of the Executive Cabinet J. Michael Brown has issued a memorandum regarding in-person government services to the public. You can view the memorandum here.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act was passed into law in 2020. While this new legislation provides emergency federal funding for, among other things, COVID-19 testing, nutrition assistance, and unemployment compensation benefits, its two most prominent sections institute an emergency expansion of the Family and Medical Leave Act and introduce a new emergency paid sick leave entitlement for certain employee absences caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Stoll Keenan Ogden has developed FAQs for clients to help explain these two new laws.

Guidance Regarding Caseworker Visits from the Children’s Bureau

As you know, section 422(b)(17) of the Social Security Act (the Act) requires that caseworkers visit children in foster care on a monthly basis. The policy, as currently posted, prohibits using videoconferencing for the purpose of meeting that requirement, and requires that such visits must be held face-to-face. See Child Welfare Policy Manual (CWPM), §7.3, #8.

The current public health challenges and guidelines require a reconsideration of that policy. While it is imperative that caseworkers continue to ensure the well-being of children in care, that imperative must be balanced against the health of caseworkers, children in care, and all of the people with whom they come into contact. The monthly caseworker visit requirement remains in place, but we are modifying our policy to permit such visits to be conducted by videoconferencing in these current extraordinary circumstances. The amended CWPM question and answer will be sent out on the Children’s Bureau list serves and updated online in the coming days.


Contact the Kentucky CASA Network

KCN staff will occasionally be at the office but are primarily working from home, so it will be best to contact KCN staff via email or cell phone. Directors have been provided KCN staff cell phone numbers. See below for how to contact each person.