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Volunteer In-Service Opportunities

Volunteer In-Service Opportunities

This page contains resources for accepted CASA volunteers to receive in-service training hours remotely. For each opportunity, note how many hours the training provides. After completing a remote training, please complete theĀ KCN Volunteer In-Service Training Form and send a copy of your responses to your Local Program for its in-service training records.

To view the available opportunities, select a category below or in the side menu. New opportunities that have been added as of December 12, 2019 are listed below.

  • -The Disturbing Connection Between Foster Care and Domestic Child Sex Trafficking (NCJFCJ)
    -Teen Dating Violence: Cyber Abuse, Social Media, and the Courts (NCJFCJ)

  • -Belonging Matters - Helping Youth Explore Permanency (Children's Bureau)
    -How to Implement Trauma-Informed Care to Build Resilience to Childhood Trauma (Child Trends)
    -Keeping Kids in Families (AECF)
    -National CASA Fall 2019 Reading and Media List
    -Promoting Permanency for Older Youth in Out-of-Home Care (Children's Bureau)

  • -Analyzing Data Trends for Kentucky's Youth (KET)
    -How the Adolescent Mind Affects Behavior (KET)
    -Racial Bias and Juvenile Justice Reform (KET)

  • -Birth-Foster Parent Mentoring Teams (Child Welfare Information Gateway)
    -Treating the Smoke and Not the Fire (NCA Ep. 6)
    -Prediction as Prevention (NCA Ep. 7)
    -The Edge of Compassion (NCA Ep. 8)
    -Housing Instability and Child Welfare (NCA Ep. 9)
    -Radically Vulnerable: Achieving Justice for Survivors (NCA Ep. 10)
    -Beyond ACEs (NCA Ep. 11)