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Volunteer In-Service Opportunities

Volunteer In-Service Opportunities

This page contains resources for accepted CASA volunteers to receive in-service training hours remotely. For each opportunity, note how many hours the training provides. After completing a remote training, please complete the KCN Volunteer In-Service Training Form and send a copy of your responses to your Local Program for its in-service training records.

To view the available opportunities, select a category below or in the side menu. New opportunities that have been added as of July 2, 2019 are listed below.

  • -Addressing Issues of Grief & Loss for Children in Foster Care (Texas CASA)
    -Advocacy for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children (Texas CASA)
    -Attachment Vitamins: Interactive Course on Early Childhood Attachment, Stress and Trauma (NCTSN)
    -Communicating with Children (Texas CASA)
    -Indigenous Child Welfare: The Long Emergency and a Way Forward (CASCW)
    -Mental Health Advocacy for Children in Foster Care (Texas CASA)
    -Parents with Disabilities in Child Welfare (CASCW)
    -Positive Youth Development for Siblings in Foster Care (CASCW)
    -The 12 Core Concepts for Understanding Traumatic Stress Responses in Children and Families (NCTSN)
    -What Works for Addiction and Child Welfare? (CASCW)
    -Working with Parents Involved in the Child Welfare System (NCTSN)

  • -The Adolescent Brain and Substance Abuse (KET)
    -Effective Tools for Youth Suicide Prevention (KET)
    -The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Health (KET)

  • -The Bystander Effect—Why People Don’t Report Child Abuse (NCA Ep. 3)
    -Child Abuse as a Public Health Issue (NCA Ep. 1)
    -The Failure That Leads to All Others (NCA Ep. 4)
    -Faith, Trauma, and the Problem of Evil (NCA Ep. 2)
    -Foster Care: A Path to Reunification – Parts 1 & 2 (Child Welfare Information Gateway)
    -The Science of Storytelling (NCA Ep. 5)