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Volunteer In-Service Opportunities

Volunteer In-Service Opportunities

This page contains resources for accepted CASA volunteers to receive in-service training hours remotely. For each opportunity, note how many hours the training provides. After completing a remote training, please complete the KCN Volunteer In-Service Training Form and send a copy of your responses to your Local Program for its in-service training records.

To view the available opportunities, select a category below or in the side menu. New opportunities that have been added as of April 8, 2020 are listed below.

  • -Child Trafficking Part 1: Recognizing the Risks and Signs (National CASA/GAL)
    -Child Trafficking Part 2: Knowledge for Working with Survivors (National CASA/GAL)
    -Navigating Conversations on Religion & The LGBTQ Community (All Children, All Families)
    -Substance Abuse: An Introduction to Substance Abuse as a Disorder (National CASA/GAL)

  • -Partnering with Relatives to Promote Reunification (Children's Bureau)

  • -Broken Places (KET)
    -Fostering Family: A KET Forum (KET)

  • -COVID-19 and Criminal Justice (One in Ten)
    -COVID-19 and Kentucky Kids: Building Resilient Families (Making Kids Count)
    -Gender Bias and the Myth of Parental Alienation (One in Ten)
    -Interview with Dr. Helen Deines, Larry Michalczyk, and Pam Darnall (Making Kids Count)
    -Interview with Rick Green and Debby Yetter from the Courier Journal (Making Kids Count)
    -Minding the Tears of Violence (One in Ten)
    -Norma Hatfield, President of the Kinship Families Coalition of Kentucky (Making Kids Count)
    -Predators in our Pockets: The New Digital Hunting Grounds (One in Ten)
    -Release of 2019 Kentucky KIDS COUNT County Data Book (Making Kids Count)
    -The Child-Trafficking-to-Adult-Prostitution Pipeline (One in Ten)
    -The Family-Focused Advocate (One in Ten)
    -The Hidden Cost of Resilience (One in Ten)
    -Trauma-Informed Care, Resilience, & the Bounce Coalition (Making Kids Count)