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ShipShape Board Leadership Training

Thursday, October 24, 2019
4:00 pm8:00 pm
Center for Nonprofit Excellence (2nd Floor) - 323 West Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202

This event is organized by the Center for Nonprofit Excellence.

First Session: Thursday, October 24
Second Session: Thursday, October 31

Board Service seminar focused on new and veteran board members. It is designed to educate, encourage, and empower anyone serving on a nonprofit board.

ShipShape, CNPE’s proven nonprofit board governance education program offers you a simple, engaging, and refreshingly unique guide to governing and managing your nonprofit organization. This two-session training assures board members clear sailing into a wide open ocean of absorbing ideas and stirring tales illustrating how to skillfully navigate your nonprofit toward mission success.

Over the course of two early evenings, one week apart, this experience will focus upon what strong and effective nonprofit governance looks like. It is designed for participants who currently serve as, or are interested in becoming board members. The intent is to help participants appreciate the nature of governance, how governance differs from management, and how the leadership roles and responsibilities of boards, the staff and volunteers differ from one another. We teach how exemplary nonprofit boards function, standards of governing excellence, and what it takes to make boards and individual board members successful in their governing promises.

This session will offer this instruction through lecture, highly interactive conversations and exercises.

1. Recognize How Boards are To Perform their role in: (1) Financial Oversight (2) Strategic Planning (3) Generating Ideas
2. Understanding the Critical Role of the Board Chair and the Chair’s Relationship with the Board and Executive Director
3. Define Functions of Productive Board Meetings and Meaningful Committees
4. Building a Board Fundraising Power that is Engaging, Exciting, and Successful
5. Creating a Board Culture That Allows Maximum Success

Light dinner will be included.