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COVID-19 Update for Local CASA Programs

KCN COVID-19 Update

The Kentucky CASA Network COVID-19 Workgroup, composed of KCN staff and local program directors, is recommending that local programs refer to the COVID-19 Community Level guidance recently published by the CDC for recommendations based on individual community spread. This information is updated by the CDC every Thursday. See the map below as of October 20, 2022 (may not reflect the current level of spread). County-specific information can be found on the COVID-19 Community Levels page of the CDC website.

Local CASA programs should reference the website regularly to determine the level of prevention steps that should be taken at the program level. Note that a program’s coverage area may include counties that have different levels of spread. If this is the case, programs may decide to take the strictest prevention steps for the entire program or individualize prevention steps in each county.

Prevention steps from the CDC based on community-level spread can also be found on the CDC website and the KY COVID-19 website. See below for those recommendations combined with CASA-specific recommendations based on these levels.

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