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Resources for Current Volunteers & Local Programs

Training Resources

Volunteer In-Service Opportunities & Local Program Resources

The KCN has compiled resources for both volunteers and local program staff to enrich the training and learning experiences. For volunteers, we have created a portal that contains in-service training opportunities - this includes recommended videos and documentaries, recorded webinars and trainings, reading material, and podcasts. Along with this portal is an online form that volunteers can fill out to document their in-service hours. This form should be completed for each training opportunity completed, and responses will automatically be sent to the volunteer so they can forward the form to their Local Program for its in-service training records. 

For local program staff (and any other visitor to this site who is interested), the KCN has created a list of resources. The information may be useful to share at trainings or to share with community members online or at local events. Please contact us if you have any questions or additional suggestions for these resources.