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Beyond the Cliff | Laura van Dernoot Lipsky (TEDxWashingtonCorrectionsCenterforWomen)

In this TED Talk, Laura van Dernoot Lipsky uses humor and relatable anecdotes to discuss the impact of secondary trauma (also called vicarious trauma or compassion fatigue). Laura highlights the cumulative toll that exposure to the suffering, hardship, and trauma of other can take on individuals. Laura van Dernoot Lipsky is the founder and director of the Trauma Stewardship Institute and author of Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others.

Bias-Free Advocacy

This very brief (less than 4 minutes!) video from Texas CASA is a great primer on culturally competent advocacy. The video shares “expired language,” which are outdated and offensive terms describing groups of people. The video presents the up-to-date, acceptable terminology advocates should use. This video would be a great supplement to the cultural competency portions of pre-service training content.

Child Welfare Virtual Expo 2019 (Capacity Building Center for States)

Child welfare professionals from federal, state, and local organizations across the country gathered to discuss evidence-based policymaking and practice and their experiences evaluating the effectiveness of services and programs. The Virtual Expo is available for online viewing and covers the following topics: Effectiveness in Child Welfare; How Do We Know What Works?; Becoming a Workforce of Everyday Scientists; The Power of Feedback; and Maximizing Our Collective Impact.

Drowning in Empathy: The Cost of Vicarious Trauma | Amy Cunningham (TEDxSanAntonio)

Caregivers and emergency responders are empathetic individuals who risk suffering from Compassion Fatigue, a form of PTSD that is treatable using the steps described in Amy’s presentation. Amy Cunningham has spent twelve years working with nonprofits and mental health organizations focused on assisting adolescents in overcoming trauma and redefining their lives.

Journey to Recovery: Inside Opiate Addiction (KET)

This is a one-hour documentary that takes an in-depth look at the epidemic in KY. Featuring interviews with national experts on opioids as well as Kentuckians on the front lines of the crisis, this documentary explains addiction as a brain disease and explores a variety of successful treatment and recovery programs in the state. The documentary itself can be used for volunteer in-service hours (and is listed on the In-Service Videos page), and there is also a discussion guide on the site that can be used for group training.

Promising Practice for Serving Transgender and Non-Binary Foster and Adoption Services (All Children-All Families)

This webinar previews All Children-All Families' new resource guide for child welfare professionals on how to welcome, affirm, recruit, and best serve transgender and non-binary foster and adoptive parents. This new publication covers promising practices for creating gender-inclusive agency environments and draws from testimonials from agency administrators, legal and policy experts, as well as trans and non-binary foster and adoptive parents.

A Prosecutor's Vision for a Better Justice System | Adam Foss (TEDTalks)

When a kid commits a crime, the US justice system has a choice: prosecute to the full extent of the law, or take a step back and ask if saddling young people with criminal records is the right thing to do every time. In this searching talk, Adam Foss, a prosecutor with the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office in Boston, makes his case for a reformed justice system that replaces wrath with opportunity, changing people's lives for the better instead of ruining them.

Roadtrip Nation: Beating the Odds

This PBS documentary features three teens from difficult circumstances who travel the country to interview people who, despite hardships, have made their mark on the world. Their interviews include Ashley Rhodes-Courter, a former foster youth who spoke at the 2016 National CASA Conference about her experiences and has become both a foster parent and CASA volunteer. A resource to consider sharing with the teens you are serving.

Support for LGBTQ Youth Starts at Home: An #AsYouAre Project

The Institute for Innovation and Implementation at the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Social Work (The Institute) has partnered with the Biden Foundation to create an animated short focused on family acceptance of youth with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression (SOGIE). This animated short focuses on the impact of rejection children, youth and young adults can experience in their homes and communities and provides examples and strategies to promote support, acceptance, and affirmation of youth with diverse SOGIE.

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