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Training Facilitation

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The following videos provide tips about how to effectively facilitate a training.

The Difference Between Facilitation, Teaching, and Lecturing | Sam Killermann

Often times we use the terms lecturing, teaching, and facilitating interchangeably, but do they really mean the same thing? In this video Sam Killermann distinguishes the primary differences between lecturing, teaching, and facilitation and touches on when best to use which method.

Facilitating Difficult Group Discussions

Facilitating difficult group discussions in the workplace, like conversations aimed at conflict resolution, can occur quickly and effectively using a few simple strategies. Sad Mad Glad sticky notes from Trainers Warehouse are designed to help everyone involved in a difficult discussion voice their opinion. These handy little tools help everyone to identify what they are feeling and then explain their reasoning to those around them.

Facilitation Fundamentals: Bring It! Be Trainer-ific. | Luz Carrasquillo 

This is the third of three videos in the Facilitation Fundamentals series. City Year's Luz Carrasquillo gives tips and tricks on being an effective and engaging training facilitator.

Facilitation: The Secret of the Starting Question | Michael Wilkinson

How many times have you asked a question and received complete silence in response? Master Facilitator Michael Wilkinson shows you the secret to the starting question. Much like when starting a fire when all the right materials, asking questions in this way almost always will result in a bonfire of responses.

How to Be a Great Facilitator | Karen Friedman

Have you ever watched a good facilitator? They make it look easy, but it's not as easy as you might think. Good facilitators are experts at stimulating discussion, generating ideas, and producing outcomes. This video provides a few solid tips, starting with preparation.

How to Stop Talking and Trust the Group in Facilitation | Meg Bolger

While a foundational element of facilitation is not bringing all the knowledge to the table, it can be tempting to jump into conversations yourself. In this video Meg shares how she is still learning how to talk less and trust the group more.

Train the Trainer: How to Run a Great Training Workshop | Alan Matthews

This is a collection of short clips from Alan Matthews delivering his train the trainer course How To Run A Great Training Workshop.

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