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Let’s Talk Budgeting and Forecasting

Thursday, September 19, 2019
9:00 am10:30 am
Center for Nonprofit Excellence (2nd Floor)

Organizer: Center for Nonprofit Excellence

Every nonprofit organization has a crucial mission and an important purpose in the community. But it may never be able to achieve its lofty objectives without a well-defined action plan, including timelines for implementation and a budget.

The annual budgeting process provides nonprofits with more than just an opportunity to plan next year’s operations. It also lets them tie those plans to the overall strategy and position the organization for programmatic and financial success.

Topics of discussion include:

· Creating a budget timeline
· Budget goals and objectives
· Who’s involved?
· Determine if Chart of Accounts (COA) is adequate for future needs
· Working with QuickBooks to develop budget
· And other best practices

Join us as we learn why budgeting is important and how to do it properly.